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Wagner Appliances carries Maytag, Whirlpool, Amana and Speed Queen lines of washers. Each line carries an extensive warranty from the manufacturer to provide you with years of dependability. Front or Top-loader? Front-loaders generally use the least water and spin the fastest, resulting in the most savings. Top-loaders with center-post agitators typically cost less and wash the fastest, but performance is unimpressive. High-efficiency washers hold more laundry, use less water to wash, and extract more water. That cuts drying time, saving energy and money.



  • You don't have to bend as much when you're putting clothes in and taking them out.
  • Some top-loaders still give you the freedom to add laundry after the cycle has started.
  • Wash cycles are much shorter.
  • Minimal vibration.
  • You're unlikely to have musty odors to deal with.
  • You'll find its control panel uncomplicated and intuitive-to-operate.


  • Cleaning performance may not be up to snuff when it comes to heavily soiled clothes or full-to- the-brim loads.
  • The tub may not be able to accommodate your queen-size comforter.
  • It's not stackable.
  • Wash cycles can't be adjusted to fit your specific cleaning needs.
  • More water can remain in the wet load after the spin cycle, which can lengthen drying time.



  • If your laundry room is tight on space, this washer can be stacked.
  • Its large capacity allows you to wash more items at once and accommodates bulky items, without sacrificing cleaning performance.
  • In our recent evaluation of washing machines, front-loaders provided the best cleaning performance of all configurations tested.
  • Many units also let you add steam to the wash cycle to improve stain removal.
  • It's the most energy efficient since its wash cycle uses less water.
  • Its high spin speed extracts more moisture from wet loads, which means you can cut down on drying time. Cons
  • With its advanced technology and special features, a front-loader can be very expensive to purchase.


  • Wash cycle time can be longer by 30 minutes or more than the cycles on other types of washers if you select one of the customized settings.
  • It may vibrate quite a bit on the spin cycle, especially if it's not installed on a reinforced floor.
  • Because of its design, water can get trapped inside, causing musty odors to form in the washtub and the detergent dispenser.

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