Wagner Appliances carries Maytag, Whirlpool, Amana and Speed Queen lines of clothes dryers. Each line carries an extensive warranty from the manufacturer to provide you with years of dependability.

The newest crop of clothes dryers on the market today offer way more than just drying power. Even the most basic machines come with moisture sensors built in, to prevent over-drying and wear and tear on fabrics. Steam and sanitizing cycles are now increasingly common to freshen and remove allergens from clothing, along with advanced cycles for bedding, toys, delicates, and other items that require special care. And you can set the dryer just the way you want it; today’s machines offer more customizable programs and features built in to accommodate your family’s specific laundry needs.

There are three basic dryer models - High Efficiency Front-Load, High Efficiency Top-Load and Traditional Front or Top-Load. HE front-load and top-load machines usually offer more capacity and a steam cycle that is used to remove odors and wrinkles. Traditional dryers are usually less expensive and still offer a wide range of sizes, multiple temperature settings and cycle options.

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